Yess. I have that relief I had always when I was leaving something. Leaving jobs, homes, places, girlfriends, situations. The relief. And I got it now leaving this trip behind. It means - now's the time. The time to END. To end this journey. Today I met my wife in the bus. Will go back home and offer her marriage. 

That is so funny - I even don't know what to do with a domain name; what to do with a space I'm renting for a hosting... And what to do with a blog I'm writing - it has become like a diary to me - a daily thing to do no matter how I feel: kind of meditation.

I think I've got what I was coming for in this trip. My own resume - I did good; not excellent which would mean sleeping every night in forest and hunting squirrels for a food. But I'm satisfied.

This trip definitely has changed my life. And it's the best time to end it. I'm really tired of it, too. As I stated previously - I was done just before the Goa - from where all the chilling stuff started from and "ascetic" expedition ended.

So from now on - I'm done both or any kind of expeditions - I'm going home. Even if I'm a "rolling stone" and my home is "wherever I lay".:) Now I'm going home. From today. So ... Few more days of this blog. Few more days of this website. Few more days of the daily news. I'm really done. It's finish.

I'm going home. :) And it feels much better than just good! Thank you everybody who was following my trip !and sharing emotions with me. Thank you all those people who helped me on my way. Thank you everybody who was interesting in this and gave me a moral support to continue my travelling. And thanks to everyone I just met on my road and had a great time with!