I was not sleeping all night. Don't know why. I was reading a book then walked around the Kumbakonam, went back to the hotel room, took a shower twice and was waiting for a morning. In a last minute I somehow managed to jump into a bus driving to S.Padhur and it was amazing how just an half hour out from the city absolutely different life was. Kind people, total peace and harmony. I enjoyed it very much. 

As I arrived three hours before the arranged time at the temple I walked around the village and enjoyed this so much missed magical moments with nature.

Smiley people, clean cows, happy goats,long coconut palms, forests of banana trees, clean rivers all in stress-less atmosphere - that is exactly what I was longing for last few weeks travelling. It is possible to enjoy India if it's like this: untouched by "hello" to tourist each 5 seconds, peaceful and quite with squirrels squirreling around.

At Ten I had a meeting arranged by my business partner Vadim in the temple where local rishis will do the homa on behalf of me and Vadim. Homa is something like a ritual made to remove spiritual obstacles and grant particular person with blessing from specific God's energy. Today I have two homas - each in different temples and for different purposes. One of them started at 10 in the morning and the second at 15:30. So it's a full day for me today.

Basically my ascetic expedition through Eurasia ends today as this was a reason I was going to India through all Russia, China, Tibet and Nepal. This was my pilgrimage. I will stay few more days in Kumbakonam to visit some more temples and further my "ascetical expedition" is turning into just a travel.

From today I'm a tourist but still continuing trecking and exploring Eurasia's second part - Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand. But this will be in a different way - this is allready way to my new home - China - to where I will move after spending at least a week in Goa and Sri Lanka beaches where I'm going very soon. Why? Because today I did everything I could not do in the Mt.Kailash - the main reason for my trip. I did it today. With a help of my business partner Vadim, few Brahmins and a very hidden temple where tourists are rare. I'm done!:)

My ascetic expedition is over. I got what I came for almost in two month duration. Later afternoon I hitchhiked to another temple and where I had another homa for different purpose.

It ended only at 7:30 PM and was quite magical as there was a need of participating young children in it - there where three or four of them - all sons of Brahmins (priests) and they where taught for particular purpose to chant Vedic mantras together with a priest. Quite fascinating and spectacular that was! I was home only before nine PM; full of impressions, emotions and memories. Went sleep almost the same time as entered - two homas per one day that is a lot of work. I was really tired..:)