I waked up early morning to go to Chinese embassy to give away passport for my second Chinese visa as this one I had was not enough to go to Mt. Kailash for what all this trip was generally designed for. So this time I applied for two month visa in hope that it will gie me enough time to go to Mt. Kailash.

Afterwards I went to Monkey Temple - or Swayambhunath in Indian language. Locals believe that the monkeys living in a temple are saint.

According to ancient Swayambhu Purana, all this place was once filled with an water, out of which grew a lotus. The valley came to be known as Swayambhu, meaning "Self-Created." I finally saw the "eyes" :) I've been willing to see it for a last three years!:)

I like Kathmandu - everybody is on a huge chill here and I'm happy I got ridd in a good way from bicycle!:) it's so much easier to travel without it.